Lotion Issue 4 – Not Christmas Spring, Summer, Fall 2016

Lotion Issue 4 Cover


Lotion is a mooreartpress209 magazine, coming out sometimes quarterly, sometimes biannual or whenever an issue is ready. It was launched in Spring 2015.

Using the format afforded by a magazine, Lotion, creates visual essays through the juxtaposition of disparate imagery. The goal of each issue is to set up a layout which flirts with meaning and social critique without ever landing at any specific narrative or argument. Issues of lotion don’t engage answers but suggests problems and glimpses at holes in our social constructs. Each issue will have a loose theme.

All issues to date have been created and edited by Pam Butler using her own drawings, paintings and photographs (with a few found images thrown in for good luck). In the near future Butler hopes to do collaborative issues with other artists.

Lotion Issue 4 – Not Christmas Spring, Summer, Fall 2016 (52 pages)
“Not Christmas”, issue 4 of lotion, takes the 3 seasons not covered in the winter ’16 issue (#3), spring, summer & fall and moves through them sequentially. Layered overtop of the seasons is the pathos of things being not quite right, not really working out. Scraps of paper with lists and notes, pages pulled from Butler’s old journals and drawings are collaged with seasonally appropriate photos – daffodils on the front cover, a drunk laying in fallen leaf strewn grass on the back cover, and in the middle is a photo of a beach, empty save for rows of trash cans and beach parking signs.

Lotion 4 pages 18-19
Lotion 4 pages 34-35